Bolga: One shot dead; Mob dump coffin at Police Station

Just one tragedy involving a mortuary man and a young man in the Upper East region has led to multiple catastrophes, turning the regional capital upside down with soldiers deployed to restore order at the Bolgatanga Police Station.

Some residents of that community, soon after they had identified the victim as one of their own, mobbed the mortician with stones on that road and set the vehicle on fire. The mortuary attendant escaped through the aid of a motorised tricycle passing by chance as members of the community searched for a vehicle to convey the smashed body of the young man away from the scene.

Things took a twist for the worse Friday evening when an army of mourners raided the residence of the mortuary man (situated near the mortuary block) and inflicted a heavy damage on his property. The raiders, who had joined sympathisers and relatives of the deceased to pick up the body from the morgue for burial, burnt a motorcycle belonging to the mortuary man and vandalised parts of his house as they claimed strongly that Mr. Alhassan killed the Yorogo young man willfully.

Daniel Azaah Alhassan, a chief mortuary attendant at the Upper East Regional Hospital, reportedly crashed a private car into one James Ataburo at Yorogo, a community along the Bolgatanga-Bongo Road, on Thursday afternoon. The crash left the young man dead at a spot close to his house, with his intestines showing on a road under construction.

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