The truth about Giovani Caleb

Some people say their on-air personality is different from their off-air personality; with Giovani Caleb, what you see is what you get.

Caleb is a lively person. He has always been the one to light up a room with his bright gap-toothed dimpled smile, crazy sometimes brash jokes and overall cheerful demeanor. I think that is how we knew he was cut out for entertainment.

He was in the Commonwealth Hall and has always been vociferous about how great the Vandals are. I believe he, like any of us volunteers, found a way to balance his academic work with his duties at the campus radio station.

Before long, we started figuring out what our interests were in relation to our work at the station. I found myself working with Mina Okuru and her production team for Read a Book a Week. Caleb joined the entertainment team and immediately started working with Fred Baimbill-Johnson (popularly known as Pasino Man) on the entertainment shows he hosted. Through the show, Caleb got to meet both popular and underground Ghanaian artistes in the showbiz industry. After Fred left, Caleb took over the entertainment desk and came up with creative ideas to build a bigger audience for the station.

When we had gathered enough experience through producing programmes etc. we were ushered into hosting the morning show: Campus Exclusive. For many Radio Univers volunteers, hosting Campus Exclusive is a big deal. Volunteers would build skills and experience for hosting the morning show through observing senior volunteers host the show and also, from hosting the Saturday edition of the show known as Big Exclusive.

Caleb was one of the few people I enjoyed hosting the morning show with. He is silly both on and off-air; in a good way of course, the kind of silly that makes you burst out laughing before you can catch yourself; the kind of silly that makes it easy to be comfortable, to not be self-conscious. We made quite a team; his aura drew the listener into the bubble of joy and happiness that our friendly banter and occasional flirtation created.

I wasn’t surprised when Caleb through his hard work and professionalism soon became one of the youngest Programme Managers on Ghanaian radio during his time at  Yfm.

I can’t wait to see what he will bring to radio programming at Live fm with the experience he has gathered working on radio and TV in the past few years.

It is truly amazing how committed and hardworking you can be when you make your passion into a career. Giovani brings life to the Ghanaian airwaves through authenticity and a uniqueness that is unmatched.


Wunpini F. Mohammed


This piece was originally posted on Jan 2nd, 2016

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