Moesha Boduong is no saint but…..

Moesha Boduong

Moesha Boduong is an upcoming movie star with a massive following on Instagram; probably because of the provocative display of her voluptuous derriere on the regular.

In an interview with Delay, she let viewers into her world with staggering declarations like her forever changing needs which apparently led to her jilting two men she claimed were unable to catch up with her continually rising standards. This clearly puts her loyalty in the balance. Based on this, a deduction could be made then that Moesha may not be your ideal “ride or die” chick. To further spice things up, she confidently said no man could leave her on his own accord.

However, the issue of flaunting her cakes is quite debatable to me.  Not many women are as endowed as she may perceive and even if they are, it still remains the sole prerogative of these individuals to capitalize on it or not. I don’t understand why a sect of critics are making such a huge fuss about this. If you find it damning, it is herself she is shaming not you! It’s not like these posts jump at you out of the blue like porn pop-ups. If your unbridled timeline “serves” you with it…..just block and scroll on.

It is just one of those things when Kim K does it but a big deal when Moesha replicates? Difference in cultures you may say but this is what it is and there isn’t much you and I can do about it than to pray for her and hope she reconfigures the appreciative approach she has towards her body. Clearly, chastising her with a vile tongue has not yielded much.

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